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Total Care for Medicare

With three high-demand services you can provide better patient care, drive new income while staying in control of the process, the patient, and the billing.

Total Care for your most vulnerable patients

while increasing your practice revenue






Chronic Care Management

Provides a monthly personal touch for your Medicare patients

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remotely collect physiologic data from your Medicare patients.

Medication Management

Help find any possible errors or gaps in your patient’s prescription drug care. 


Chronic Care Management  and Remote Patient Monitoring work together to extend quality care and build closer relationships with patients.


Adding Medication Management provides objective results allowing for honest conversations that improves patient compliance leading to better outcomes.


Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring can be billed in the same month because CMS recognizes the two services are complementary.

 Extended VIP Service to your Patients

Total Care extends the dedicated support found in CCM to an RPM case manager for your patients.

Dedicated Coach

A dedicated Health Coach to help with needs such as filling prescriptions or  scheduling appointments

Regular Support

Support between visits and a regular touch point to encourage the patient’s adherence to their physician’s care plan

Reliable Contact

A reliable, caring contact to listen and be a resource for the physical, emotional and social needs of each patient

Caring Partner

Coordinated care between patients, care givers, and physicians with 24/7 access to care plan and doctor’s recommendations and instructions

How many total Medicare patients do you treat?

Calculate how much potential, monthly revenue you could see as a result of the Total Care program. 

700 total medicare patients

Chronic Care Management

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medication Managment

Total Care Monthly Revenue








(potential monthly revenue assumes 50% enrollment and $63 avg gross revenue per patient)

(potential monthly revenue assumes 20% enrollment and $104 avg gross revenue per patient)

(potential monthly revenue assumes 15% enrollment and $154 avg gross revenue per consult)

Ready to get started?

You're one click away from a detailed overview of how the Total Care program can support your practice 

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