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Unsure about Remote Patient Monitoring?

You are not alone. That is why you should test our wearable device for yourself so you can feel confident recommending it to your patients.

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If you have ever downloaded an app for your smartphone and fastened a watch to your wrist you have everything you need to be up and running within minutes.


Risk Free

See what our full featured device can offer you and your patients before signing up. It's free, no strings attached. Try it out even if you have an existing provider.


14 - Days

Experience the technology in your own environment and on your own terms for two weeks. Get comfortable with it before recommending it to your patients.  

One small wearable tracks 10 important health indicators for you and your patients.

  • 24/7 Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring 

  • Body temperature 

  • Five Heart Rate Training Zones 

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring 

  • Activity Tracking: Steps/Distance/Calories 

  • HRV, Stress Level Monitoring 

  • Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

  • Smart Auto Sleep Tracking

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No cost for the device for you or your patients even after the trial. And no inventory to manage, leave it all to our care team.

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Proactive Care

 Health professionals monitor patients remotely and act on the information received as part of the treatment plan.


Real Time

Constant monitoring of activities and physiologic data in the patient's home


Increased Revenue

Reimbursements provide significant ongoing revenue while freeing up key resources


Turnkey Solution

Program administration, onboarding, training, and continuing support are provided by our team 

Our health professionals will remote monitor your patients from home just like they are under your care


Not only will this free device increase your patient continuity of care, it will also generate revenue for your practice.  

How many of your Medicare patients require monthly monitoring?

The number of monitored patients is generally equal to about 20% of the total number of Medicare patients your practice treats. 

140 monthly monitored patients


(potential monthly revenue assumes  $104 avg revenue per patient)

Get your trial device now

You're one minute away from your free trial of a single, multi-functional monitoring device that can benefit you and your patients.

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