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Remote Patient Monitoring Myths vs Reality

Join us for a special webinar to separate myth from reality and over come any misconceptions you might have around RPM. We have just the prescription for you!

Thursday, April 28th

7:00 PM EDT | 4:00 PM PDT

Covid-19, coronavirus outbreak, healthcare workers and pandemic concept. Thoughtful therap

Are these RPM myths holding you back?

"It is too costly to implement Remote Patient Monitoring."

Learn the realities of these myths and the real benefits to you and your patients.


Real Time

Constant monitoring of activities and physiologic data in the patient's home


Increased Revenue

Reimbursements provide significant ongoing revenue while freeing up key resources

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Proactive Care

 Health professionals monitor patients remotely and act on the information received as part of the treatment plan.


Turnkey Solution

Program administration, onboarding, training, and continuing support are provided by our team 

Free 30 Minute Webinar

Thursday, April 28th

Virtually, anywhere you are comfortable. Come as you are!

7:00 PM  EDT  |  4:00 PM PDT 

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Featured Presenter


Brian Hazelgren, CEO RX2Live

Brian brings over 30 years of business experience in strategy development and execution, executive management, healthcare, entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and business mentoring. He is a globally recognized expert in business planning, corporate strategy, systems development, entrepreneurship, healthcare, corporate social responsibility and operations, and Brian has written 14 highly successful books, and has trained over 75,000 business executives, and over 3,500 MBA students.

During his career, Brian has raised over $1.3 billion for healthcare services, and capital needed to launch and expand small business ventures. He has developed hundreds of business plans to launch and execute new ventures and new product operations.

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