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Medication Management

Designed to be proactive in identifying non-compliance issues before they become an adverse drug event.

Importance of Medication Reconciliation


Most medication reconciliations are done through patient reporting or by a report from the pharmacy.


This relies on the patient to recall all of their medications correctly or assumes that all medications picked up from the pharmacy are being taken

  • Prescriptions that are filled, but never taken

  • Prescriptions not taken as directed

  • Medications taken that were prescribed for someone else

  • OTC medications not reported

  • Sample prescriptions provided by a specialist


Simple urine screening which answers:


Is the patient taking all of their medications?


Is the patient taking prescriptions or OTCs which are not prescribed or reported?

Real Benefits to You and Your Patients



300+ prescriptions and OTC medications / metabolites


High Accuracy

1/1.5M error rate or 1/10,000 patients results


Fast 24-48 

hour turnaround for most results



$75 out of pocket cost if not covered by insurance

Who is eligible?

Any patient with 2 or more chronic conditions


COPD, CHF, CKD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, etc.


Same criteria as Chronic CareManagement- All CCM patients are eligible

Covered Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans


Approved by Medicare to be billed up to 12 times/year


Typically utilized 4 times/year as a maximum

Most appropriate to incorporate into

  • Annual Wellness Visits

  • Post-hospital follow-ups (for TCM medication reconciliation compliance)

  • Office visits for CCM patients

  • Patients with a high number of prescriptions, multiple specialists, known medication management issues, etc

How many medication consultations could you administer each month?

The number of consultations is generally equal to about 15% of the total number of Medicare patients your practice treats. 

105 monthly consultations


(potential monthly revenue assumes  $154 avg revenue per consult)

Ready to get started?

You're one click away from a detailed overview on how medication management can support your practice.  

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